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Doula Kriss Services


Because the “chemistry” between a doula and client is vital, I like to meet (free of charge) in person with potential clients to make sure we're a good fit. If you decide to hire me, here is what you can expect from me as your Birth Doula:


  • Instead of the standard one or two meetings, I offer three meetings.  The extra time together means we can: get acquainted; explore your birth options, priorities, questions, and concerns; brainstorm personal strategies for managing discomfort and fatigue; provide needed resources and information; develop your birth plan; and discuss how we can best work together.

  • Beyond our meetings, you can always reach me by phone and email.


  • I'll be on the phone with you offering encouragement and consultation during pre- and early labor.

  • I will come to your home, birth center, or hospital when you are in active labor (or when you are ready for me to be there) and stay with you through the rest of your labor and birth.


  • I will remain with you (typically one to two hours after birth) until you are comfortable and ready for “family time.”

  • Help with initiating breastfeeding.

  • Availability by phone or email in the days and weeks following your birth to answer questions about the birth, your baby, or other related issues.

  • One postpartum visit within two weeks of your birth to discuss how you, your partner, and your baby are doing; to review the birth; and to get feedback from you.

The fee for these services is $625.


I offer placenta encapsulation to doula clients for an additional charge of $100 and to non-clients for $125.  

"A doula is a great comfort to a first time grandmother. It is one thing to birth your own children, but quite another to watch your daughter give birth! Kriss helped both grandmother and mother to relax and have a beautiful experience. Thanks so much Kriss! Let's do it again!"   

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